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A brochure can be an extension of your corporate brand.

In today’s web-savvy world, many people might perceive the role of a printed brochure to be somewhat ‘traditional’. Whilst there is no doubt that we are witnessing a rapidly-developing technological revolution, a well designed brochure can still bring great value to your company.

You can’t smell the ink on a website. You can’t let a potential customer ‘feel’ the quality of your company and its products on a social media exchange. A well designed and printed piece of literature can speak volumes about you, your philosophy, your people and your objectives. It is an extension of your company brand and as such, works in ways that a mobile phone or PC can’t. A brochure projects quality and methodology in a way that a website doesn’t, simply by the look and feel of the finished product.

However, a printed brochure shouldn’t be perceived as an alternative to online mediums – it can and should work in tandem. Quite often a marketing campaign will combine the key communication attributes of say, social media, with a carefully orchestrated campaign of printed brochures and leaflets. Whilst it is true to say that web mediums can make available masses of up-to-date information in ways that a printed brochure can’t, a physical brochure can project important values through appealing to the senses: the look of beautiful typography; the feel of quality paper… and the smell of the ink.