King’s Hall

Information and interaction with community
  • King's Hall website
  • King's Hall website

The King’s Hall Complex is a new 16-acre development situated at Belfast’s iconic King’s Hall building in Balmoral, encompassing a range of commercial and residential facilities including healthcare clinics, a hotel and a private hospital. As well as being portrayed as an exciting, modern and innovative project, the website provides important information regarding planning and progress to the surrounding community.

Website objectives:
As well as presenting this exciting new vision as a state-of-the-art Health and Wellbeing Park, key information and community consultation were vital to the content and fuctionality of the site. Thus feedback forms and analytics are setup within the site in order to gather community feedback and progress. The website also features video content to project the concept and aspirations, and serves to present the vision to potential franchisees in respect of different facilities within the development


Client: Black Marketing