Printed Material

Print production:

AB3 Design uses a wide range of professional printers as third party suppliers, including litho, digital, screen and large format exhibition graphic printing. Production processes and materials will usually be suggested by AB3 Design where print is being placed by AB3 Design. AB3 Design does not accept responsibility for production specifications where print is being placed directly by the client or by other third parties. In cases where AB3 Design places the print on behalf of the client, production specifications will be agreed verbally or in writing with the client.

Copy, text and layout:

AB3 Design will always send a final pdf to the client for approval before sending to print. If changes to wording, spelling or layout are not indicated in writing by the client before the final designs are placed for print, AB3 Design does not accept responsibility for changes or errors in content.

Queries relating to printed material:

Once the final design pdf has been approved by the client, AB3 Design reserves the right to invoice as per design estimate/quotation and to be paid the full amount invoiced within 30 days of the date of the invoice (see Fees and Invoices).