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Balancing content, functionality and style.

With web-builders adorning themselves with terms such as ‘UX People’ and ‘UI Gurus’, it’s no wonder clients get frustrated when trying to de-geek their web designers. We always endeavour to look at a website design from the client’s point of view, in plain English – what to promote, how it will work, and what it will look like.

With demand for content and functionality paramount among clients’ online objectives, there seems little distinction between a web designer, a web builder and a web programmer. The result is a deluge of monotonous websites that are designed by template, diluting corporate personality and seemingly disregarding an opportunity to visually portray a company’s aspirations and objectives.

Whether it be for a mobile phone or an iPad, a website should have a strong visual impact, projecting a company’s corporate image and manifestations. Visual styling must work in tandem with content and functionality. It can be a dangerous liaison if one dominates the other: all medium and no message, or all style and no content.

That’s why it is important to familiarise ourselves with the methods and philosophies of our clients before attempting to conceive a visual and functional online solution.

It’s a delicate balance, but one which must be proportionate in order for a website to work successfully in terms of projecting a company, its services, its people and its brand.