Direct Security Consulting

Brand Identity: Security

Background: Direct Security Consulting specialises as a provider of professional and highly qualified security staff within the business, construction, retail and events sectors across London and the Home Counties. DSC’s approach is to partner with business organisations and private clients, providing consultancy services, manpower and innovative security technologies to protect people, property and data. In short, DSC protect people, property and data to create the safest working environment.

Our solution: A secure shield in strong red, black and gold colours. Typography is distinct and manifest. We have introduced a 3-word copyline “Direct/Enforce/Protect” which appears in most cases as part of the overall logo. Yet despite the seriousness of the security sector in general, we’ve managed to introduce a touch of cheeriness on the Contact page of DSC’s website by featuring an important member of the DSC Team, man’s best friend.

Direct Security Consulting
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