Brand Identity

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Visually conveying corporate ethos and integrity.

Every company has an aspiration, a sense of purpose, a desire to succeed. Behind every company, event or product, ambitious people drive and control commercial objectives. By doing so, they mould, create and evoke corporate personality.

‘Branding’ is a word that, these days, appears to have disparate meaning. Designers may talk of a company ‘brand’ when referring to a logotype, symbol, marque, roundel or corporate image. Retailers may refer to a packet of cornflakes, a tube of toothpaste or a can of cola as a specific ‘brand’. A car manufacturer or airline may have a perceived ‘brand’ which, for better or worse, is exemplified by its workforce and performance.

Despite the varying interpretations, we define a ‘brand’ as something that reflects the ethos and integrity of a company, its people, products and services. As designers, our objective is to visually portray these characteristics as a public face. Before we can visually communicate brand values, we need to analyse the company or product in relation to marketing objectives and projected audience. Only then can we determine the communication requirements and conceive an arresting visual solution.

The purpose of the above portfolio and respective links is to portray some of our creative visual identity solutions and to show the thought processes involved when we conceive, design and implement brand values as a result of realising client objectives.