Old Palace Yard, Westminster

Brand Identity: Construction

Background: With a construction project value of £4.2million, The House of Commons asked Henry Brothers to prepare a Schedule of Works document for the refurbishment of the impressive Grade II listed building at 6/7 Old Palace Yard in Westminster.

6-7 Old Palace Yard ad

Our solution: With a high emphasis on the historical and architectural significance of this building, our concept was geared towards a careful and considerate approach to this delicate refurbishment project.

We devised a classical blue plaque identity within a project-specific “Gently Does It” theme, and established a generic “History in the Making” slogan for Henry Brothers, promoting the company as a specialist in the refurbishment of landmark buildings with architectural and historical significance. Both themes were applied to documentation and marketing literature, and were proposed for advertising and site hoarding.

Old Palace Yard, Westminster - branding by AB3 Design
Old Palace Yard, Westminster, Tender brochure
Old Palace Yard, Westminster, Tender brochures
Old Palace Yard, Westminster, hoarding